Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Songgo Rubuh Animation Series

On 2012 i worked as Texturing Environment for the first time in this project (3 month), and then i worked as 3D artist animator until Desember 2013.

Songgo Rubuh is an animation movie which shows about two guides in yogjakarta palace.
Songgo has some characters there are jaunty, friendly, and care to the other, on the other hand, Rubuh has some characters such as annoy, tricky, and always want to looks better than Songgo.
The plot of the story which is unprecditable, the craziest idea which is used to solve the problem, and the movement style of the character which extreme make this animation devided in to slapstick animation. http://www.dgmanimation.com/

Trailer Songgo Rubuh Series